About me

ggHello dear reader,in this past few days i have given a lot of thought about what should i say about me,how could I tell you who I am,when even I don”t know for sure.Should i do a short autobiography?that won”t work because some of you might figure out who I am,and for the time being I don t want that,so I have created an alias name,I will call myself John Cole.What I can tell you is that you and i are the same,well at least we were at one point in life.We desired the same things,hoped for the same bright future,we loved,we cried and we laughed,but at one point in time i began to feel this hunger deep inside for knowledge,my curiosity started to eat me from the inside,and i”m not talking about a childish way of being curious,my imagination was beyond normal to the point where i could not concentrate,or even have a small talk with anyone.I was always searching for that something,always waiting,always asking questions,always researching,and for that i”ve lost a lot but you know what?it payed of,or at least that”s what i thought back then.Why is my story interesting you will say?because it”s true,and because I came to think that I”m the one who got the closest to some big facts that people have always wondered about.Was i smart?-a bit.Was i lucky?-very.Was i curious-you have no idea.At one point in my life i met a man that satisfied my curiosity,he gave me everything i could ever ask for,he was my mentor and my guide.I will start publishing stories about these encounters in the ”my life” category,and i will let you decide if my story is worth telling.and I want to hear your story as well.i believe that life can change in a blink,that”s why i will create a competition.The story that i and the other readers will find the most breathtaking will win a life change.Yes i might be talkin” crap…but what if?there are stll some things that i need to set up,but you will soon be able to write your stories and rate other stories.I will start writing my own and let you decide.What is my gain?i will explain my motives in the ”your life story” category