Do I need to believe in something?


download Hello reader.Lately I took part of a discussion between two groups of people-atheists and theists.At one point they asked me why do i stand silent do i agree with the atheist or the theist.I think it’s simple I answered,you are both right.It is a simple probability equation.As long as we don’t know much of anything and throughout human history most of what people considered to be without any doubt true was later dismissed mostly by science.Some will say ‘yes but science was discovered late in history,maybe mankind will discover a new discipline to answer their questions’ at some level i agree but science was not later on discovered maybe what you consider to be science in nowadays was but for an early mind inventing the wheel was considered science.Now i like to use the term early mind instead of primitive mind because for a future me my mind will seem pretty primitive.So yes i think that what ever crazy theory pops up in your head about this universe and the meaning of life you might be equally right with all the other fractions of the world as long as nothing is for certain.Do you think that god exists?You might be right,do you think he doesn’t?you might be right ….Do you think that the earth is bouncing up and down on a leprechaun’s ass?Guess what?! you might be right against-patrick-s-day-lucky-dancing-leprechaun-18420695


I want to be honest with you I don’t believe in afterlife although it would make me very happy to know it exists.I mean who would like for all of this to be over?who wouldn’t want a second chance?but I think it is to good to be true,i think we are all afraid of the nothingness beyond this life.Was there a time when i used to believe?-Yes,was i different?-Yes.In what way you will ask-Well i was braver i was not afraid of anything because if something happens it’s still not over.Later in life as i started to have doubts and embrace the possibility that there is nothing after i started to be more careful with my life.I started to be more restrictive with my actions.I mean can i really play around with my only chance that this universe has given me?Can i afford to lose the one opportunity that i have throughout the eternity?No i can’t take that risk.I’m not going to jump from a sky scraper or try and be a hero in dangerous situations.Fight for a government or a religion?No way.

But if you look at it from another way…I do miss being careless and climbing and jumping and fighting with strangers in a club eating crap food.So yes i was braver when i used to believe.I’m not saying i don’t live my life and enjoying every moment but i am more precocious in my decisions.I eat healthier i try not to get upset for any reason and i exercise a lot.

So as a conclusion to this post i think none of the ways is to a persons advantage.One will not let you appreciate and cherish life to the fullest and the other one will not let you live it to the fullest.