How Can We Achieve Fame and Fortune

fame_the_musicalHello my dear reader,lately i’ve been seeing everyone around me trying to achieve fame and fortune  no matter the consequences,no matter who gets hurt in the process although most of the times they manage to hurt themselves rather by not succeeding in their attempt or getting their and realising that it s not what they were expecting.So let me start by asking you:Are you sure that you want fame and fortune?Do you really think this will make you happy or fulfilled?First of all fame and fortune are two very different things because you can be rich and not be famous and vice versa.Any one can win the lottery but they will not gain fame with that or any one can make an idiotic video an upload it on social media and become famous for a few seconds.So what kind of fame would you like to achieve?one to be recognised and appreciated worldwide or just be one of those ‘guys’.

If fame and fortune is really what you want that s easy.You just need one good idea in this life in order to succeed.But the biggest problem with us is that it s so hard for us to apply it,try it,get out of our comfort zone,Most will say ‘Oh i’m ok with my safe job,my same old circle of friends,my day by day routine and your just so afraid of doing something else.Why is that?i believe this kind of individuals are incredible sure that there is an happy afterlife after this one,because if i am thinking that this is my only chance that this universe has given me i will try and do everything in my power to make sure that i experience almost everything in this world.So there is only one rule in succeeding NO EXCUSES and try to realise that your greatest enemy who is going to try and stop you in your way to achieve what you desire is your self.You are always going to have people around you that are going to try and bring you down because if you succeed it will mean they have failed.If you are not where you want it means that there is something you are not doing right.The road to success is a lonely road and on the way up you will see a lot of fallen spirits,spirits that have tried and failed and many of them will try and drag you down.We all know this in theory right?but few of us will try because it is so easy to stay in your comfort zone,it s easier to do the things you already know how to do.But you will only be exceptional in the moment you will do something new,something that scares you,something you have doubts about but that my dear reader will be your first step in achieving fame

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