leap-of-faith_724_482_80What is Faith?!Some say it”s spiritual,as belief in some kind of religious system,while others say it”s the power of will.I”m not going to get into all that.What i am going to get into is what it can do.I believe Faith is responsible for true miracles.Self healing,great heroic deeds.I mean let”s have a look at ancient soldiers,those guys used to rush into battle fighting against man with swords and axes,heads and hands were chopped down and of course death.Now let”s get back to present times,would you still do that?let”s forget about modern it”s you and your army preparing to face most certain death against another army with swords and axes.Would you rush down the field screaming into battle.Most of you won”t.I wouldn”t.What changed?Our belief.

Those guys back in history,they new for a fact,without any doubt,that there is something after death.something or someone is waiting for them,that even if they die it”s not over for them,that fact made them brave,made them killing machines.What is different now?the fact that even if you are a believer,you know even if just a little,that there might be a possibility that this is it.Somewhere,somehow you”ve heard the theory that nothing comes after death,we”re talkin” total darkness for eternety,the universe gave you one chance to be self-aware,to breathe,to feel,to love,having that in your mind even as an ideea would you still rush down the fields facing death?well those guys didn”t have this ideea in their heads,that made them brave.they had a certain type of courage that you will not find easily nowadays.Why?-FAITH.

faith_bigger_fear2_largeNow Faith isn”t only about the belief that there is something after death,what if you believe in something so strong,that you don”t even care if there is nothing after death.You believe so hard in your ideas.your dreams,your rights that you stay strong and high even in the face of death to protect these things.In my opinion this is true courage.Knowing that the possibility of eternal sleep and darkness exists but still you go forward.Amazing!

I don”t know where faith resides,the opinions are different and many.I don”t care.All i know is that it”s something we must cherish it,improve it and believe in it”s power to carve destinies,shape new world foundations and make a individual ”walk in the valley of shadow of death and not be afraid”

Where does faith fit in my life story?Well my dear reader without it i wouldn”t be where I am today.I would of stopped from my journey to seek my destiny when everyone told me to let go.I  kept going knowing that my happiness is just around the corner.All you have to do is see that corner on your road ahead even if you see it from a distance.

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