How i met him,part 3


DecisionsOften i ask myself dear reader how did i get to where i am today?!Was it just how things happen?was it just the decision i made that day?or was it every single decision i made since i was born that lead me here?do i really take my decisions or are they already taken at some level?like DNA do i have a code that guides my decisions thru life?i would say yes,but i”m also the one to contradict myself.No,decisions have to do with a lot of factors,like the place we were born…how can i take the decision to go to college if i am born in a country that doesen”t have such a institution? ok i could go in a country that has one,Yes but what if i am born in a third world country in a village where that term doesen t even exist?what if i wanna go,but i am struck down by a disease?you should of taken better care of yourself or eat healthier.

OK so the place you are born has a huge impact of your decisions in life.Some would say everything is possible with hard work and will,true.but sometimes outside factors won t let us take the decisions we would like to take.But coming back at me,how did i get here,was it all planned since i left my hometown to go in the UK?what would of happen if i didn t?where would i be  now?what people would i have met?do we have multiple pats in this life?Or is our path already predestined?And why did i have all those questions in my head?was it just me?were there others to think alike?I soon found out that there were.when i went to meet Darnell in London.Everything about him meant something,Later at a closer look even his name meant something,was i about to find my answers in this individual?or was i getting into something else?

My first encounter with Darnell was in a park in London,he approached me without hesitation,he was a well build man in his late thirties,grey hair a serious face but laughing eyes,i could see that he was analysing me but not physical,he was searching for eye contact which i was retained to give it to him.I still thought that this is maby about a job or some kind of joke,and for a long time i was convinced that it was.I mean how could you believe the things that were about to come out of his mouth?

Unfortunately my time with you is up,but i will write soon.And if you still think you are reading a fiction story….try waking up everyday in one.Be well

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