how i met him,part 2

mystery-man-1920x1080So my dear reader it s time to continue my story about how i”ve meet him.the man that changed my life.As i told you in my previous post i”ve received an e-mail from Darnell telling me to write my opinions about life,tell him a little about me.So this is what i wrote to him:

”All i know it that there must be more to life than this,I don”t want to enter in this society circle that is;play,learn,learn some more,have a job,have a wife and kids,work for them,and then die.i mean is this all?i am a miracle of evolution!!!i have overcome difficult odds to be born as a self aware being!!!!am i to be happy with such a mediocre life and wish for other peoples life whom i see on TV?am i suppose to just believe everything that they are telling me is the truth?!!My opinion is that mankind has lost their real track a long time ago,we became so desperate to achieve so small and insignificant things,but made to believe that those are the true important things in life,and then pass it on to our children that those are the most important things in life.Well their not.I want to know,i need to know.i have a hunger deep inside of me that has to be feed.I feel like an ant in a artificial colony.Everybody has their purpose in the colony and everyone is happy.except for me,because i can see the glass,Yes….i see you.”

Now i know i sounded like one of those people who believe that everything around them is a conspiracy,I”m not,i just believed that there was more to life.His reply was short and simple,He said ”not everyone took that path”I haven t heard from this Darnell character for days,then the day came,a day that i will remember for was the day i left her side,the day i received an e mail from Darnell to go meet him at an address in London.I must specify that at that moment i was living not far from London so i got up and i never returned to her ever again.

How the first encounter was i will tell you in my future post.Until then be well

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