the day i met him

article-1364698-08BAD07A000005DC-216_468x299As i told you before since i can remember i was a curious person about every aspect of life,about the world that surrounds us,people i pass by every day ”who are they?where are they going?what are they thinking?”what is the universe about?-this is a question that made my imagination go wild. Now i know you have read allot of stories,fiction stories,ghost stories,magic stories,conspiracy stories,i cant tell you one thing that i came closer than anyone to live one of these stories,and what i can say is that i have never in all my research and in my chase after that supreme truth found something that made me believe that this things are real.but i did came closer to them than anyone.this i can guarantee.So there i was ready to give up,ready to take life as it is,concentrate on my job,ready to get married to my girlfriend,and have that happy normal life,but still there was something in my gut telling me that this can”t be it,that there is something more to life,so one day as i was searching the web for interesting materials i came across a strange website that appeared to be the site of a well known fraction.funny thing was that there was a form which allowed you to register and become one of them,so why not give it a try,i wrote all of my details down but when i tried to submit it it told me that they are not taking any new members,nothing else on that website just that form,until then i was an active member on many forums telling my opinions about the world,quantum physics,ancient times,psychology,philosophy and other subjects that interested me.So my form was refused,strange thing happened the next day when i tried to find that same website but it was no longer there,but even stranger was the fact that i received an e–mail from a man called Darnell Hall telling me to send him a reply containing my opinion about life,of course my curiosity made me play along,so i did reply to that e-mail.

Unfortunately i must leave now so i will tell you about my reply in my future post.Be well

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