let me change your life

descărcareOnce my life was change by someone,i wanna do the same for three people,three best life stories will be selected for a massive life change.Tell me a story or your life story by registering and write it down,your story will appear in your stories section on the menu.Your story will be rated by other people and me.and at the end of the countdown i will chose three winners,All i want from you is a story that people will learn from.Impress me and in return i will impress you.It s going to be hard for you to believe me but you got nothing to lose.Let people know about your greatest love,your greatest lost,what was the thing that brought the biggest joy in your life,how did you feel or just tell us a interesting story.This is all about people connecting and sharing a part of their life,What is my gain?I made a bet with my mentor,a bet i intend to win at the end of this year,a chance to prove him wrong.

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