who are you?

DREAM-wall-1024-768This is the question i ask myself everyday when i”m taking a walk and see you passing by,I”m not talking about just one person,I”m talking about all of you.Each day we pass one another without having a clue about who we are,what we love,what is our life about.In other circumstances i could of been you best friend,or your lover,your family,we could of have a hole history together,but we were born in different places,different times,we had a different entourage that made us be apart.Often i ask myself if i”m the only one who is thinking about this things.The truth is I could of been anything in this world,the greatest singer,or the greatest dancer,greatest actor or the greatest writer.but i”ve chose to become something else.I”m going to tell you something very important about me which once i thought was my weakness but now i see it as my greatest quality.I am a sensitive human being.They used to call us weak,Yes we cry at the end of a sad movie,we lose ourselves in front of a beautiful girl,we get easily intimidated,and let ourselves get carried away by our imagination and our dreams but never underestimate such a person for at the same time people like me were the greatest heroes.try and have a look into such a persons eyes after he hears a motivational speech,i guarantee you will see flames bursting out,he will be ready to die for what he believes,that soft soul will turn into the greatest warrior and nothing is going to stop him from achieving the things he aspires to.Every single invention that was created in this world was first in the imagination of a person like me,we were the first explorers the greatest writers.So please never underestimate such a person for he has the power to shake the very foundation of this world

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