About her

imagesIf i only knew then what i know now i would never got out of bed that day,i would of never left her side,I would roll over to her side and take her in my arms,slide my nose behind her neck and feel her scent,touch her soft skin and kiss her wet lips,whisper in her ears that she is the only thing that i need to know in this world,loving her was the greatest truth in this universe,our bond was beyond any laws.We knew from the beginning,from the very first time we laid eyes that we will suffer,two armies holding strong,two masters of seduction,our love was doomed even from the beginning,every atom of my body screamed ”run away,you will get hurt”but still the thrill,the chase the attraction was to great to stay away.it was pure physics.She was my archenemy,I was in love with a demon but it felt so right,her touch paralyzed me,my senses were dull around her,she was the perfect hunter,my cocaine and without her in my veins i was numb.But that day a stronger drug entered my system-curiosity.it was the day that everything changed,the day i met him,the man that  made me forget all about everything and everyone i ever known.So this post goes out as a tribute to you my lost love,I”m sorry our baby girl will never be borne.But as i said i did leave that day,and it was the day i met him,the day everything changed

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